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Your recommendations and participation are key to the startup and success of this station.
KRAW-LP Let's Talk Rawlins 97.9 FM Radio is Your public voice. Make it effective!

Let's Talk Rawlins Plan and Progress
as of
- 09 June, 2024 -

How to Start a Radio Station?

So, we have a radio station! How does it work?
Simple: (More or Less)
1. We, the people of Rawlins, are the presenters and provide all On-Air and Internet program content.
2. The three FCC decency regulations are the only program content restrictions. (See FCC details.)

The station is organized in three parts:
(Click headings for details)
1. Non-profit corporation for management and legal compliance.
2. Facility, equipment and FCC activities
3. Operating staff and program scheduling
4. Contracts, subscriptions, music licenses, etc.
Local "On-Air" Broadcast
1. In-studio activities
   a. Live broadcasts
   b Pre-recorded content

2. Remote activities
   a.. Live broadcasts
   b. Pre-recorded content
Global Internet
1. Station Website
2. Rebroadcast local programming
3. Promote Rawlins Community
4. Paid advertising

What is the station broadcast presence? (More here)
The FCC requires a minimum  35 broadcast hours per week.
The station has a 24-hour broadcast capability.

What is the station program schedule? (More here)
The initial station program schedule is temporary and provisional while we learn and organize.

What content will the station broadcast? (More here)
The people of Rawlins create the station's broadcast content. What you bring to the air is what you hear.
Programming content and scheduling will evolve as people participate and learn.
The station will support technical and administrative requirements for music and podcasts by community members.

KRAW-LP Let's Talk! Rawlins 97.9 FM and www.letstalkrawlins.com website are for you and me and for us, all together.

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