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Ideas and Comments From Our Community
KRAW-LP Let's Talk Rawlins is OUR Community Radio Station.
We Each Have Ideas and Comments!
Let's Talk!

Ideas and Suggestions

"Plan a call-in song dedication hotline. People could call in and ask for songs to be dedicated to certain people."
"One wants people to voice their concerns. But this is a small town and there might be adverse consequences to what some people say. You have said before that you want people to take responsibility for what they say, but people say the darndest things. It is sad to say but the Unique and Upsetting draw attention."
":Anonymous input might be necessary sometimes. To accomplish this, have the announcer read mail, email and phone messages without the real name unless they give permission."
"How to gage the public's desire on key issues like the garbage fight?. Real problems demand SOLUTIONS. On the website, the problems presented on the air need to be listed for people to comment on. On the problems selected as real, a contest for the best solutions can be held and activated."
"Have a Topic Discussion about teen issues. Call in and speakers."
"People are interested in the City of Rawlins and the decisions being made about the City of Rawlins"
"Organize a teen talk radio. Let high school students run their programs."
"It will be wonderful to have a LOCAL and INTERACTIVE radio station." So says J.C. Gill
"Have teens broadcast sporting events."

"Have the High Schools start an imaginary company. Let them find and present sponsors, keep the books, cash out and pay dividends at the end of the year."

"Provide a "for sale" feature or program similar to the way a previous station did."

Thank You for Your Participation!

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